Location:Italy is located in southern Europe. It stands out like a large boot on the map.


Population: The population of Italy 60,221,211.

Religions: Although only about 30 percent of the population regularly attend church.10 percent of the population. There is a Jewish community, and the Muslim community currently numbers about 1 million people.

There is a small Buddhist community.voki


One of the greatest prides of the Italians is their food. The major meal in Italy is eaten in the middle of the day. Large meals always consist of many dishes. The Italians may have a pasta dish followed by a dish of fish or meat. The Italians sometimes have a dish called antipasto, which is Italian for appetizers, before they eat their pasta dish.

Languages spoken: The languages spoken in Italy is

Italian, Neapolitan, Piemontese and Venetian.

Tourists attractions:

One of the biggest attraction in Italy is the Coliseum. The Coliseum is a big stadium in Rome.
Coliseum Italy Wallpaper Desktop
Coliseum Italy Wallpaper Desktop

Another tourist attraction is the leaning tower of peza.
The leaning tower of Peza is called the Leaning tower of Peza is because it leans over the rest of the building.

external image Italy_Tuscany_Pisa_447c-199x300.jpg

how Italy is globally connected:

Italy is Globally connected by sports through world cup cricket and world cup soccer. Italy is also connected globally by there involvement in the olympics which happens every four years.

Italy is also connected through trade because they import and export to other parts of the world which includes food (e.g. pasta,olive oil), clothes and accessories.
Another way Italy is globally connected is by travel. It is a populaur tourist spot and people from overseas arrive by plane or boat. Italy has stayed globally connected through thier luxury cars that are famous throughout the world. thier two most famous cars are the Ferrari and the Lamborghini.

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