global connections


name: Japan.


location: in asia right of china in the southern hemisphere.

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population:The popluation of Japan is close to 127076183 people

currency:The Japanese people use ¥(yen) for there money and 1 aus $ is worth about 50¥(yen)

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religon: the two main religons are buddisim and shinto but most say they are not religous of any type.

attractions:one of Japans most famous tourist attraction is the Asakus Cannon Temple located in tokoy.

government:emperor Akihito (1989) prime minister Naotokan (2010).

culture and life style:the Japanese people are a very proud nation.Japan has different mixed cultures.You can see this as the samurai past and the military.

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how is Japan globaly connected to the world:

travel:hawaii makes a third route to Japan.

trade:Japan is seeking an investment to pakistan.

sport:Japan is connected through the 2010 fifa world cup.

how isJapan connected to australia:cosco and apple are actuly both japanese and australian manufacturers.