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Research Task.You are to choose a country to research and create a page about it.
Your information can be presented in words, pictures, maps, tables, vokis and any other creative way that you can imagine. The more creative it is, the more interesting and better it will be.
You will be marked on the actual information you have and also the different ways it is presented on your page. Remember spelling and puctuation are still important when you use a computer.
Your page must include information under the following areas (as well as any other areas you would like to add):

  • Name of Country
  • Location (including map)
  • Population
  • Language spoken
  • Currency (Type of money used)
  • Religion
  • Attractions (interesting things this country has to offer)
  • Culture and Lifestyle
  • Government
  • How that country is globally connected (trade, travel, sports…)
  • How is that country connected to Australia?

Take care to check over
  • Spelling and grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Presentation
Note: When writing information, it is important that you do not only use bullet points rather write some of your answers in full sentences.