images.jpgJamaica by Daniel hibbot

Today i have chosen jamaica as my country.
location:Jamaica is located in the northen hemisphere in the caribbean sea.

Population: Jamaicas population is estermated between 2.7 million people.
Language: Jamaica is one of the largest english speaking island in the caribbean.

´╗┐Jamaica currency: Jamaica currency is called jamaican money.

$2.00 bill external image m2.gif

50 cent bill external image m50n.gif
$1.00 coin external image m1c.gif
50 cent coin external image m50c.gif
25 cent coin external image m25.gif
20 cent coin external image m20c.gif
10 cent coin external image m10c.gif
5 cent coin external image m05c.gif

Religion:Jamaicas religion is cristianity.

jamaicas attractions:

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culture and lifestyle: one of jamaica's culture and lifestyle is music
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The Cabinet of the Government of Jamaica is the principal instrument of government policy. It consists of the Prime Minister, the Honourable Bruce Golding.

Australia and Jamaica globally connected based on our shared membership of the Commonwealth cultural and social links. Sport, particularly cricket and athletics in the olympics forms an important tie between our countries.