Location: portugal lies in the westernmost point of Europe on the west coast of Liberia. The long atlantic coastline is popular with visitors and locals

Map of Portugal
Map of Portugal

Spain & Portugal map
Spain & Portugal map

population: the approximate population of Portuugal is 10,676,910 !

currency: The currency in Portugal is the euro, which makes it a very worry-free destination for many other Europeans to visit when it comes to [[#|money]]matters. in portugal there are seven bank notes and eight different coins.


Portugal is profoundly Roman Catholic. There is a saying that "to be Portuguese is to be Catholic" and approximately 97 percent of the population considered itself Roman Catholic - the highest percentage in Western Europe. Only about one-third of the population attend [[#|mass]]and take the sacraments regularly, but nearly all Portuguese wish to be baptized and married in the [[#|church]]and to receive its last rites.


Tourist attractions: 
Portugal's fairytale town on the edge of Europe
Pena Palace
Pena Palace
Sintra and its mystical hills dotted with **fairytale palaces** and extravagant villashave bewitched visitors for centuries.

The Romans made it a place of cult moon worshiping and named it "Cynthia" after the goddess of the moon. They were followed by the Moors who also fell in love with the lush vegetation and built a hilltop castle, a palace, and several fountains around the town. Later it became the summer residence of the Portuguese royal family and attracted a number of wealthy aristocrats who built huge mansions and villas.
other attractions:

  1. LISBON -
    Portugal - Evora's> Roman temple
    Portugal - Evora's> Roman temple

    The seductive capital
  2. SINTRA -
    Enchanting fairytale town
  3. EVORA -
    A museum-town
  4. OBIDOS -
    A medieval storybook
  5. PORTO -
    A majestic port city
    World Heritage architecture
  7. TOMAR -
    Home of the knights
  8. LAGOS to SAGRES -
    The waters at end of the world
    external image palacio-queluz.jpg
  9. MARVÃO -
    A spectacular site, a spectacular sight
  10. BRAGA -
    The Baroque City

culture and lifestyle:portugese cities still retain intact. Lisbon hasent changed much since the late 18th centuary. the nateraul enviroment is well perserved and there is no serious pollution. the art of tile painting and glazing known as Azulejos,is one of the most popular art in portugal. The technique was first introduced by the moors and was adopted by the kings 1500sand the use of blue and white tiles spread across the country and is and is still practiced by artists in todays society .nine out of ten portugese people are roman catholic saints. through out the year in portugal festivals wich are very popular their are celebrated.
portugal is a democratic country and has been a member of the European union since 1986, the country has gone through several forms of government in its history. in 1143, portugal became a seperate kingdom from the rest of liberia and was ruled by a king untill 1910 when the country became a republic.

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