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Location:Italy is located in the northen hemisphere and the continent is Europe

Atrractions:The Attractions in Italy are in
Rome, Venice, florence, pompeii & sicily.

Lifstyle:The most wonderful thing about Italy is there is something for everybody like
Romantic cities, breathtaking scenery, perfect climate
mountains to ski and walk in, lakes to be sailed on and holidayed.

Religon:The Religon in Italy is roman catholicisim.

external image italy-111.JPGCurrency:The currency in Italy is Euro.

Population:The Population in Italy is 60,221,211.
Language spoken:The language spoken in Italy is Italian.

Goverment:In 1996 Italy changed its goverment.In this year the people voted to change their nation from monarchy,which was ruled by a king to republic that was headen by a presindant.

Italy goverment
Food:The most popular food in Italy is pasta because it is home made and they love there sauce which is really nice.
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How is Italy connected to Australia:its connected Through techonlogy and trade and sports like rugby, soccer, swimming.external image italy2.jpgexternal image Olympics+Day+5+Swimming+eNzZ31aP67gl.jpgexternal image sep20_italy_rugby.jpgchristian.pulvirenti