Greece is located in the Northern hemisphere.
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Greece is located in southern Europe and has about 1400 islands. The largest islands are Crete,Euboea,Lesbos and Rhodes.
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Each line of the greek flag represents a letter of the greek word for freedom. The cross symbolises religion and the blue lines represent the sea.

There is a population of10 787 690 people.

This is some of the words you need to know when you go to Greece:
KaleeMEra - Good morning,KaleeSPERa - Good evening ,yiaSU - Hello,EfcareeSTO - Thank you ,parakaLOH - Please also heard as "you're welcome" and HAthika- I am lost.
If you would like to know the alphabet go to this website:http://www.greek-language.com/Alphabet.html

Type of money:
The country's currency used in Greece is Euro's(also in aother parts of Eroupe).
These are the banknotes used in Greece:

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The religion is Greek Orthodox but there is lot's of people from different countrys.

There are lot's of places to go in Greece like:
The Acropolis
The Parthenon
The Island of Crete
Sounio Cape

Culture and Lifestyle:
The way of life for the Greeks is family,friend's,food and church.

The greek pime minister is Mr George Papandreou he have been a prime minister for about 4 years. Greece is a diplomatic countrey

How is that country globally connected:
Greece is globally connected by trades,mucic,ex-ports and immigrations.

How is that country connected to Austraila?
Greece is connected to Australia by immigraations for over 200 years and they also bring in in-ports from China, Japan and lots other countrys.They also take ex-ports to all around Europe.

By Angela Bouteris