All about Swaziland


Swaziland is located on the southern coast
line of Africa.

Swaziland flag
Swaziland flag


The Swaziland flag is verry ‍unique and diferont to other
flags. It has the name of its contery sewn in
to the botom of the flag in yellow. The colors of
the flag are:Black.White.Yellow.Red and Blue.


King Mswati III
King Mswati III

King Miswati is the son of King Sobhusa.
King Miswatis birth date is the 19.4.68


Sishiwala- tick porage served with meat or veg
Emasi emable- ground shoregum and sour milk


the population of swaziland is under 1.2 million 


the official languages spoken in Swaziland are Swazi and english


in Swaziland they are lucky to have t.v and raido. the t.v scirves rre run by
the authority of Swaziland.
the raido is run by the authority of Swaziland.

Houses in Swaziland

external image swazi_hut.JPG

homes in swaziland are just basic little huts made from palm leafs and straw

How is swaziland globaly conected

Swaziland is globaly conected through:Trade and TRAVEL
Trade...australia would recive african food from Swaziland and we may pass it on
Travel...Australians travel to Swaziland and do other things involving swaziland.