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Ireland is located in the Northern Hemisphere, North Western of Europe. The capital of Ireland is Dublin.

The population in Ireland is approximately 4,450,446.

Lanuage spoken (most common)
The languages spoken in Ireland are mostly:
Euro is the Currency in the Republic of Ireland and the British pound is used in Northern Ireland.
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The most common Religion in Ireland is Roman Catholic.
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There are many different exciting attractions in Ireland such as:
-The Connemara Countryside
-The cliffs of Moher
-The Burren

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Culture and Lifestyle
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Every year Irish people celebrate St patricks day they have a festival every year, Last year it was held in Dublin.
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The government of Ireland is republic. The president is not part of the government and does not participate in their meetings.
How is Ireland globally connected
Ireland is connected to the rest of the world by:
~exports- they export things to the U.S, France, Germany and many others
~imports- they import many things from America ( fuel oil, coal, soybeans) and many more things.
How is Ireland connected to Australia?
Ireland is connected to Australia because of the many migrants that come to live in Australia. Ireland imports things from Australia (wine) and Ireland is also connected with Australia by sport (Rugby).
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~By Alyza~

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