JAMAICALOCATION:Jamica is a montirous island located in the Carribean sea about 600 miles south of Miami ,Florida.
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POPULATION: The population for Jamica is approxamitly 2.8 million people.
LANGUAGE: The Language In Jamica is spoken in English but the Jamica people speak English with a bit of accent.

FORM OF GOVERNMENT: Parliamentary democracy

CAPITAL: The capital of Jamaica is Kingston

CURRENCY: Jamican dollar

RELIGION: Jamacian's are very spirital people and follow many religions including Christianity, Hinduism, Judisam, and Isalm More than 40% believe in Christianty and 20% Hinduism 23% Judisam and 17% Islam.

CULTURE AND LIFESTYLE: Most of jamicas population live in the city and a third of all Jamicians live in Kingston. More than 90 percent of the population is African descent, but many other people have come from China,India,Australia, Germany and Syria to find work on the island of Jamica.

TOURIST ATTRACTIONS:There are many attractions for Jamica but her are just some of them..
  • Jamaican Golf coures
  • Lovely beaches
  • Music Festival
  • Shops/Malls
  • Great Hotels &Motels
  • Spanish Town
  • National Parks
  • Montego Bay
  • Ocho Rios
  • Port Maria
  • Port Royal
  • Lots and Lots of Tourist and people who live in Jamaica go to these Attractions more than 10,000 times a year.

Food in Jamaica: 
  • Jamaica has many different types of food there is Chinese, Indian, Spanish and also Australian food there are foods like
  • Seafoods .Eg. Squid, Fish ,and Prawns.
  • Meats .Eg. Hams, Beef,Pork and Lamb.
  • Rice .Eg. White Rice, Brown Rice and even Cinnamon Rice
  • Noodles E.g.Home made& Brown noodles
Well, Jamaica has many various ways of connecting to Australia like Texting and calling on cell phones and home phones,or There is writing letters the old fasion ways & there is the news and internet where people can find out whats happening in differnet countries.E.g. Australia.
Jamaica is connected to Australia by TRADE: Importing Food and exporting other things & Sports TRAVEL:Going toJamaica for holidays or buisness trips. Jamaica and Australia are connected in very big ways and very small ways like Technology and Newspapers and magazines.
Finally, Jamaica and Australia are two very different countries each far away from each other they can be connected in many ways you see.
Jamaica and Australia connect by nowing people from each country leave there country and either come to Australia or Jamaica for a holiday or for a very long while.
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