Location: China is located in Eastern Asia. Fourteen countries share their boundaries with China.

The country shares its borders with India, Nepal, Russia, and various other countries of Central Asaia

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Population:The population of China has been growing over the years.
Population Growth Rate of China
Population Growth Rate of China

The Government became so concerned at the population growth that it introduced a "one child policy" in the 1970's.
Language spoken:

Many regional language varieties sometimes grouped together as the Sinitic languages , the primary ones being Mandarin, Wu, Cantonese,Hogyan and Min.

The currency is called Yen
The currency is called Yen

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Buddhism is a main popular religion in China,but there is others as well as Christiananity
Climate:It is mostly revolving around on the weather but normally freezing cold!

Badaling Great Wall lies in Yanqing County in Beijing and stands on the ridge of infinite steep mountains. There are two high peaks, generally called the south high peak and the north high peak. The highest point is about 1,000 meters above sea level.The great wall averages 7.8 meters in height and is 6.5 meters wide at the base and 5.7 meters at the top. The width is enough for five horses to go side by side.Alot of people like to walk around THE GREAT WALL OF CHINAand somtimes research the info.

Great Wall of China
Great Wall of China

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Culture & Lifestyle:
Chinese culture is traditionally centred on the family, which was once considered a microcosm of society as a whole. In past Chinese society, the family provided support for every family member, including livelihood and long-term security. Extended family remains exceedingly important, with grandparents commonly acting as caretakers for grandchildren with adult children working and financially supporting their ageing parents. The end of cradle-to-grave welfare (the 'iron rice bowl') has brought increasing pressure on families who struggle to meet the rising costs of health care and education.

The 73.1 million member CCP, authoritarian in structure and ideology, continues to dominate government. Nevertheless, China's population, geographical vastness, and social diversity frustrate attempts to rule by fiat from Beijing. Central leaders must increasingly build consensus for new policies among party members, local and regional leaders, influential non-party members.

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