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United States of America is in the Northen Hemisphere.

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Language spoken:

The language spoken in America is similar to Australia. It is only a bit different because they sometimes say and spell things in a different way.


The population is massive in America and it is over 307.5 million Our population is around 21.87 million

Currency / Money:

The American dollar sign is like this......external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTyzgUbJDLTrjNXb2Ouqm7Xj0L7GK6m25dDqvpRPZJHsIYJVvZerQIt is similar to Austarlia's....external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSov66U1slzav8M2hJLi9yDXLgUQwHIiRwRgSGq1CTunFS0-IE2vwBut simply only 1 line in the middle of the (S).
If you are visiting a part in America, you can trade in the Australian Money for American money.


The majority of Americans (78%) identify themselves as Christians, and all the other people don’t even believe in any religion or Christ.
Americans pretty much believe in the same religion as any other countries they just have 2 different beliefs;
1. Being Christians
2. Ignoring all Religions


Disney land - A place with water slides, fun rides and amazing features.

Holly wood - Where movies are made and where celebrities hang out.
5-Star Hotels - You can go to a hotel for a holiday while staying in America or a get away if you are from America.

Cultures and Life style:

Americans celebrate things that Australia's don't such as: Holloween and Thanks giving.

America is a normal country like ours, some live very rich and some of them are poor but they are all American's.
America exsperience torando's, hurricane's, and lots more.

How America is globally connected:

Religion - Most of us belive in Christ in Ausralia and some of us don't, like America.
Cultures and Lifestyle - We all live the same, some are rich, some are poor
Trading - We use the same shops, (well most of them) same brands and I've course more. Some of the same things are:
K-mart, Wal-mart
Supr 'e'
Loui Vitton

How America is connected to Australia:

America has many items that we do here in Australia and other countries. Most of the items that we share in our world is known and popular.

Thank you for listening to my presentation☺

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