INFOMATION: Madagascar was made into cartoon movie for DREAM WORKS STUDIO.
Madagascar 4 kids

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Flag of Madagascar
Flag of Madagascar

LOCATION:Madagascar is a country in the northern hemisphere,Southern Africa, island in the Indian Ocean,east of Mozambiquethe world's fourth largest island. Southern Africa, island off the east coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean. Madagascar is name of the island in Malagasy, because of it's isolation most of it's mammals, half it's birds, and most of it's plant's exist nowhere else on earth. The captal of Madagascar is Antananarivo.

INFORMATION ABOUT THERE FLAG: The flag of Madagascar was adopted on the 14th of October in 1958, two years before the independence of that nation, as Madagascar prepared for a referendum on it's status in the French Communtity.
The colours of the flag represents Madagascar's histroy, yearing for independence, and traditional classes. The Red and White were the colours of the Merina Kingdom, which succumbed to France in 1896.

INFORMATION ABOUT ANTANANARIVO: Antananarivo is the capital city of Madagascar and the largest city on this big island in the Indian Ocean. The city is situated inland, about 90 miles from the East coast. Antananarivo was founded in the early 1600's and its position on top of a high ridge made it easy to defend against enemy attack.

CURRENY: Madagascarhas different to Australia. e.g. austalia calls it dollars madagascar call it Malagasy franc .

Madagascar's 5 dollar note : Australia's 5 dollar note:
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HOW IS MADAGASCAR GLOBALY CONNECTED: Madagascar is Globaly Connected by Industry, Inports and Export's.
Madagascar Industry's: meat processing, soap, breweries and tanneries.
Madagascar Imports: coffee, vanilla, sugarcane, cloves and livestock products.
Madagascar Export's: coffee, vanilla, shellfish, suger, cotton cloth, chromite and petroleum products.
POPUATION AND AREA: In Madagascar the popuation is 17,308,000 (alot for an island) the area of Madagascar is 587,041 square kilometres (226,658 square miles)
LANGAGES AND RELIGION: Madagascar has many religion Indigenous belifes, Christians and Muslim but the wierd thing is the Madagascar has only 3 religion but they only have 2 laugages the laugages are French and Malagasy.
MORE FAST FACTS: Off Africa's southeast in the Indian Ocean, Madagascar is the fourth largest island after Greenland, New Guinea, and Borneo.