Egypt is a country in the Northern Hemisphere. It is in the continent of Africa and is connected to Asia.The Capital of Egypt is Cairo.

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All about Egypt


The population of Egypt is 82,999,393

Wow! That's a lot!

This is the Egyptian Flag!

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This is an example of some Egyptian Coins

Egyptian Money - Egypt Coins
Egyptian Money - Egypt Coins
In Egypt they call their money Pounds


Here are the languages spoken in Egypt.






- Arabic


The most popular religion in Egypt is Islam and it is now called the state religion, 90% of the population are Muslim with 8 - 10% Christians. There are also other religions practised such as Greek and Syrian Orthodox.


Some of the main attractions in Egypt are the Pyramids, Sphinx and the temple of Luxor.

The Pyramids are very popular but the most popular one is the pyramid of Giza. It is today known as a monument of the world. It is the largest of the 3 pyramids.It is believed that it was built as a tomb for Pharaoh Khufu in the fourth dynasty.

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The sphinx is known as a mythical creature with a lions body and a human head. In Egypt there is a big statue of the sphinx. This statue is shown as a man but in Greek tradition is is shown as a woman. It is said that those who can not solve the riddle of the sphinx will be eaten by it!

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On the east bank of the Nile lies the magnificent Luxor Temple which was dedicated to the great god Amun-Re. The earliest parts of the temple date back to 14th Century BC ( the 18th dynasty). While at Luxor many people also tend to visit the Nile river. The Nile is said to be the largest river in the world. It is also Egypt's water supply.

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Culture & LIfestyle

There are many things that make up Egypt's Culture and Lifestyle. Here are a few of the main things:


Many arts that are found in caves, uncharted places and Egyptian temples that date back thousands of Centuries to Ancient Egypt. Much of Egyptian culture originates from Ancient Egypt which is shown by art known as hieroglyphics.

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Education in Egypt was controlled by the Ulama and the Clergy before the nineteenth century. It was during the british rule that Egypt set up their first university. Education in Egypt has provided skilled Labour to the country.

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Food and Drink

Egyptian food varies to wealth of that family or person. A rich Egyptian will have 5 meals a day mostly made up of fatty ingredients. However a poor Egyptian will have 3 meals a day and surprisingly have a healthier diet.

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Daily Life

In the Egyptian family the father was responsible for providing for his family. The mother stayed home and raised the children.The Egyptians wore very simple clothing. The clothes were made of linen. Most families had pets. Cats were a favourite.The doctors in Egyptian culture lived in the temple called the House of Life. The doctor would examine patients and chant magical spells. Doctors in Ancient Egypt were skilled and could even perform brain surgery. They also created medicines from plants.Peasant boys married by the age of 15. Girls were only 12 when they married. Girls from more wealthy families married a little older. Many marriages were arranged by parents. The life expectancy of an Egyptian was only around age 40.Egyptian homes were made from bricks. Wealthy families built single level homes surrounded by gardens full of trees and flowers. They even had small lakes or ponds in their gardens.

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The Egyptians Government is republic an the Prime Minister is Mr Essam Sharaf.

How is Egypt Globally Connected?

Egypt imports a wide variety of goods, especially capital goods. Egypt's main export partners are the European Union, Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States. Egypt is also globally connected by travel, Global organisations, and sports eg. Olympics, World Cup.

How is Egypt Globally Connected to Australia?

Exports from Australia to Egypt:




- Live animals (except seafood)

Imports from Egypt to Australia

-Floor Coverings

- Prepared additive for mineral oils

-Fertilisers (except Crude)


Many Australians travel to Egypt every year and many Egyptians wealthy enough travel to Australia every year.


Australians and Egyptians both participate in world sporting events such as the Olympics (both Summer and Winter), World Cup, Rugby, Basketball, Tour De France, and Netball.

Global Organisations

Many Global organisations visit both Australia and Egypt to do their work and this also connects to travel for they travel to that place to help people or preserve wildlife.


Egypt can be globally connected to Australia by food. In Australia there would probably be many Egyptian restaurants and many people would get the chance to taste traditional Egyptian food and dining.


Many relatives and friends can phone or communicate by interactive websites to see each mother or check up on what is happening.