This is a map of Argentina. As the eye can see, it is on South Amercia.
This is another map of Argentina. This map shows exactly where the country sits on a world globe.

Argentina is a South American country. Being the 30th largest country in the world, Argentina has a massive population and many armed defenses due to lots of war going on in the country.


  • Cristina Fernández de Kirchner was the president Argentina.
  • A major export of Argentina is wine.
  • Soccer is the most popular sport in Argentina.
  • 20% of Argentina`s population lack indoor water.


The current population in Argentina is 40,276 million. Almost half of these live in the city Buenos Aires. The estimated population density in Argentina is 14 persons per square kilometre or, 35 persons per square mile. The government of Argentina estimate that around 750,000 (95%)people in Argentina are illegal immigrants.


The main (or official) language of Argentina is Spanish, although people still speak Italian or German. Some of Argentina`s population still speak their native language.


Almost 70% to 90% of the population of Argentina is Roman catholic. There are around 300,000 Jewish people and 400,000 to 500,000 Muslims (1% of the population). Other religions are Spiritualism, Jehovah Witness, Mormonism, Shamanism.
Any president of Argentina has to be Roman Catholic.
Although a significant number in Argentina do not attend mass, many people show that they are religious as they go about their every day business. This includes performing the sign of the cross as they pass a church or related religious area and, reciting religious prayers at the right times.

One of Argentina`s most famous Roman Catholic saints is a man named Ceferino Namuncurá. He is known as 'Prince of the Pampas'.
Ceferino Namuncurá
Ceferino Namuncurá


The currency of Argentina is called peso.


There are many attractions in Argentina. The Bueno Aires is one of them. Iguazu Falls is another. Here are some of the other general ones:
  • Beaches
  • Penguins
  • Forests
  • Try different wines
  • Art galleries


The flag of Argentina is divided into three horizontal parts. The top and bottom parts are a light blue wheras the middle part is white. The emblem that is on the white band is a yellow sun with a human face known as the Sun of May, which, according to the Argentiean tradition, was created by General Belgrano when he looked at the sky just before the Battle of Parana. The white portion represents peace and honesty and the blue portion symbolizes many elements such as truth, loyalty and justice. When ceremonially carried, the flag is always carried by two escorts by Argentiean law. Argentiean flag bearers usually have to go through a screening process and the students who have the best grades are most likely to get picked for the honor.
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Culture and Lifestyle:

The culture and lifestyle of Argentina has been greatly influenced by European immigration and also African and Asian immigration. The country has been shaped by the immigrants, because they brought along with them their types of food, traditions, art and their lifestyle. even through this, Argentina is still a very unique and different country.
People in Argetnina are very light-hearted and active they love doing sports and going outdoors.


Most Argentinians eat four meals each day. Desayuno (breakfast) is a light meal of rolls and jam with coffee. For almuerzo (lunch), many Argentinians eat meat and vegetables or salads. After work but before dinner, people go to confiterías (cafés) to drink espresso and eat picadas, small dishes of cheese, mussels, salami, anchovies, olives and peanuts. Cena (dinner) in the evening is the largest meal of the day and almost always includes beef.

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How is Argentina globally connected to the rest of the world?


Argentina has become a very big part of exporting and trade. Argentina is a big exporter of food, except in recent years Argentina has become known to also trade things like natural gases and oils. They have a very big export on soy including soy beans, soy meal and soy oil. In 2007, they were the #1 producer of soy meal and exported 29.3 million tons of it. Some other main exports are cereals, beef, vehicles and parts, chemicals and medicine. Argentina’s largest exporters are Brazil, European Union, China, United Sates and Chile.

A graph which shows how the exports from Argentina have gone up by a lot in a few years.
A graph which shows how the exports from Argentina have gone up by a lot in a few years.


Argentina has been in a lot of different sporting events due to their multicultural nation. They have been in the Olympics, the Soccer World cup, the Rugby World Cup, Athens, field Hockey World Cup, Basketball World Cup, Grand National Horse racing and many other sporting events. They dominate many sports, including soccer and polo. They won the Soccer World Cup numerous times, and their polo player Gonzalo Pieres is one of the best in the world. They play against countries like Australia, Nigera, France, Mexico and South Africa.


Because of Argentina`s great places to go, many tourists come from foreign lands to see the beautiful sites and landmarks. There are planes in Argentina that go to international places, such as Australia. The country has lots to offer, and is lucky to have everything a tourist asks for. They have been getting more and more tourists, in 2007 they had 4.6 million foreigners travel to the country as tourists. 26% from Brazil, 25% from Europe, 14% from United States and Canada, 8% from Chile, 19 % from the Western Hemisphere and 8% from the rest of the world. There has even been a rise in how many tourists have gone to visit Argentina throughout the years.



Argentina`s television is large and is broadcasted globally, but Latin Amercia watches the most. They have five major networks. They all started broadcasting in 1951.


The radio in Argentina began on August 27, 1920. Only about 20 homes had a reciever to be able to tune in and listen. It was the world`s only radio station, until 1922. By 1925, there were twelve stations in Buenos Aires and ten in other cities. The 1930s were the "golden age" of radio of Argentina, with news, soap opera and sport broadcasts.

How is Argentina connected to Australia?

Argentina and Australia have a growing relationship based on many shared interest and simularities. For one, they are both large nations in the Southern Hemisphere with very small populations and lots of resources.
Argentina is slowly starting to send lots of beef to Australia, as well as wine. And Australia is slowly starting to accept the beef and wine. The imports from Argentina to Australia is worth $294 million.
Argentina and Australia are probably most connected through sport. Both nations love to play sport, all different kinds. They play against each other in so many different competitions, and it would be safe to say that sport is probably the closest connection they have.

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